Manga and Anime Recs

Manga and Anime Recs

An alphabetical list of anime and/or manga that I've consumed and liked enough to share here. Content warnings will be added soon!

Content warnings: CSA, child rape, pedophilia, child abuse, drug use, prostitution, self-harm, suicide attempt by drowning, blood, hanging, murder, incest (depending on whether you consider Ian and Jeremy to be brothers), sexual abuse, photos with disturbing imagery, emotional manipulation, guilt tripping, teen mother, offscreen infant death

Content warnings: memory loss, WWII, Nazi imagery, fire, guns, suicide by shooting through the head, bombs, an adult chasing after a minor for non-sexual reasons (still creepy), fire.

Content warnings: fire, child having a mental breakdown, gun use, domestic abuse

Content warnings: violence, blood, gore, guns, drug use, offscreen rape, character with a CSA history, character death, sharp objects

Content warnings: bombs, radiation poisoning, blood, gore, sharp objects, semi-nudity, murder, death, racism

Content warnings: age gap romance, attempted murder, eye injurty via sharp object, Christian iconography, blood, attempted human sacrifice, violence

Content warnings: blood/gore, pedophilia, domestic abuse, rape, sexual acts, 19 year old character instigates a sexual relationship with a 14 year old, domestic abuse, torture, censored nudity, dismemberment, decapitation, sharp objects, censored genital mutilation,bodily mutilation, hanging, attempted suicide, swearing.

Content warnings: child rape, pedophilia, racism, homophobia, drug use, child grooming, incest, minor drinking alchol, minor smoking, Bury Your Gays, Christian themes

Content warnings: drug use, incest, domestic abuse, blood, sharp objects, suicide ideation, minor smoking, death, forced smoking, Bury Your Gays

Content warnings: incest, semi-consensual sexual acts(off-screen), child rape (offscreen), poisoning, bloodless impalement, adult taking advantage of a minor, child grooming, offscreen animal death, domestic abuse, slut-shaming, forced kiss, manipulation

Content warnings: suicide, child being forced to marry a heavily implied pedophile, image showing a hanging woman, drunkeness, abuse, misogyny, borderline sexual assault, attempted murder-suicide, sexual acts (tame by today's standards but considered graphic in the 70s), blood, forced kiss, unfortunate implications that a girl having a romantic crush on another girl is just a "phase", impalement (in one side-story)

    Thomas no Shinzou

Content warnings: Christian themes, abuse, suicide, incestual undertones, minor smoking, implications of guilt tripping, attempted suicide by choking

    Serial Experiments Lain

Content warnings: some sexual acts, suicide, face horror, blood, suicide

    The Snow Queen
    Shadow House
    Umineko no Naku koro ni (When the Seagulls Cry)

Content warnings: murder, gore, blood, domestic abuse, swearing, heavily implied rape, heavily implied pedophilia, offscreen body mutiliation, attempted murder, gender dysphoria, suicide by jumping off of a building, suicide by drowning, forced cannabalism, incest, generational abuse, body horror, war

    Violet Evergarden

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